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The time of conflict has come.

"We people of the Commonwealth are no strangers to war. Once, we fought for Kings and Emperors. We fought for Magisters and Shamans. We fought for the riches of far off lands. We fought for independence. And we have fought for what we believed in. We have experienced war largely so that we could taste peace for ourselves.

Peace. The philosopher Mereuil has said that peace is not the opposite of war, only its absence. That it is only a lull in the fighting. The Great War has been over for forty years now. That titanic battle of empire versus empire has ended, but the peace that came afterwards has been fleeting. The War to End all Wars has shown itself have ended nothing. Some may claim the last great bastion of communist power has been destroyed, but one far darker has come in its place. The Pact, the empire that has traded its kings for Strategos's, its noble families for the Party has only continued to grow.

It is no secret that it has become emboldened. The countries that it has put into place are puppets, led by sycophants bowing to its every whim. It has taken territories in wars that it once that it prosecuted, safe in the knowledge of the Council's continued failure to stay relevant. And above all, it is no secret that it has smelt blood in the water, like a shark.

People of the Commonwealth, I know this comes to you in a time of despair. Our peoples have fallen on hard times. The Crown has fallen from grace. Our armies struggled in battle to gain little for it. And the pain of the reformation agreements has been felt by all. But we must not forget what strength we do have. Our scientists have made strides into the strange calculating arts of computing and flight. Our industry has shown itself to be adaptable and capable of creating the tools and talent that our peoples need. And must never forget our breakthrough of magical fabrication and engineering.

And so the time has come again. People of the Commonwealth, the lull has broken. The Pact has invaded and taken Harran. If we turn back from the alliances we have made, the Pact shall think of us and weak, and will take all for itself, piece by piece. So war has been declared. The people of the country shall pick up the rifle again. For the forces of Fascism have decided to take what was never theres. But they have not counted on one thing.

On the battlefield and behind it, our peoples, human, orc, elf, dwarf, halas and natal alike, from all walks of life, will fight to keep their rights. Will we allow the fascists to take our voices? Our minds? Our Spirit? Never I say! Never!

I shall depart for the field. The Commonwealth shall be put to what will be its most perilous test. Can it hold against the forces of might, control and obedience? Many will ask that as a question. But I look upon you all, from the farmer to the miner, form the office worker to the soldier and I don't ask, I KNOW.

I know that you have it all within you. It is in the Blood. In the Mind. In the Spirit.

And we will fight to keep them.

-Excerpts from the speech given by Karl Havelock to the Commonwealth Council at the outbreak of war.

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