To those of Auleowa, I give you the forests. You shall find shelter and sanctuary underneath their branches. You will find good game and fruit to keep you from famine. Dark as the night may be, you shall not nor fear it, for even the smallest candle shall banish the dark.

Book of Life 12:01

Biologically, elves are a fairly lithe and nimble race. But what truly distinguishes them from the others is their fantastic sense of perception. They have some of the most keenest eyesight and hearing amongst any race. This is quite vivid in the eyes which incorporate necilitating membranes, similar to what is found in the eyes of dogs and cats. This layer is somewhat reflective, and can be somewhat alarming to see in the dark of night when they catch light.

The elven peoples are an old people. Not in terms of biology, but many of the first civilizations that started were of elven origin. Indeed, Skadi nation to the north is considered by many to be one of the longest continual civilizations in the world. Old unfortunately does not necessarily mean great and for a long time the various kingdoms have fallen and been reborn numerous times.


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